GDPR and nLPD Compliance

All organizations (whether a company, a professional, an association, a public body) must necessarily adapt to regulatory requirements. Adaptation involves new data security measures, internal reorganization, assignment of new tasks and responsibilities, staff awareness and training in data security, monitoring in operational processes, and more.

Our operational support:

  • Audit and Report: analysis of business processes through interviews with employees and internal collaborators. At the end of the audit, the company will receive an analysis of the critical issues detected (based on low, medium, high priority), the measures to be taken to enable the return to compliance, and the definition of the actions to be taken in order to protect the personal data of the individuals concerned
  • Preparation of GDPR/nLPD compliances: mapping and appointment of data controllers, Drafting of Pricacy notices (employees/customers),
    Data Breach Policy (Security Breach Management Procedure), Drafting Privacy clauses in contracts with clients and Appointment of Responsible Person, Drafting Register of Processing (Owner and Responsible Person)
  • Online and offline training: course aimed at all employees who need to learn the nLPD guidelines in a timely manner so as to be in line with the training obligation
  • Drafting Privacy and Cookie Policy: Analyzing and Preparing Adjustments for the Website